Cobra Kai Season 3: Chozen Set Up Johnny & Daniel Team-Up

Cobra Kai Season 3 Update: Chozen’s role in Cobra Kai season 3 helped establish Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zapka) reunion. Cobra Kai’s third season ended in a moment Karate Kid fans have been waiting ever since the start of the game.

Daniel and Johnny have put aside their differences to combine Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate so they are better prepared to take down Cobra Kai permanently.

Before longtime rivals decided to do this, Cobra Kai season 3 had to take each of them on a specific journey. Johnny and Daniel tried to work together to find Robby, but their disagreements made that difficult.

None of them were willing to compromise, and they were very upset about it. However, Daniel eventually came face-to-face with another former rival, as he saw the villain of Karate Kid Part II Chozen during a trip to Okinawa. Happily, Daniel’s encounter with Chozen did not go as planned for either he or the spectators because Chozen was a changed man.

Cobra Kai Season 3: Update

Cobra Kai Season 3 Breaking Karate Kid II's Easter Eggs

Daniel spent some time with Chozen studying secret tactics that Mr. Miyagi had never passed. And while that happened well at the end of Cobra Kai season 3, Chozen had a huge impact on Daniel who should shape the future of the show.

By spending more time with Chozen, Daniel was able to see that he was not the proud child who tried to kill him in Okinawa. Instead, Daniel and Chozen went their separate ways with beautiful names. This can be an important moment for Daniel as he learns how people can change over time.

Daniel and Johnny rarely see eye to eye over the years, but Daniel and Chozen’s time can make him more open-minded in the idea of ​​working with Johnny and resolving their youth dispute on the sidelines.

When Cobra Kai season 3 ended with the joke that Daniel and Johnny would work together forward, many quickly gave Ali Mills credit. His return has definitely brought back the memories and old feelings of both men, but in the end, he revealed that they are much more alike than they like to think.

As that can be true, Chozen’s role in the team should not be forgotten. It is possible that the two would have decided to work together even if Daniel and Chozen had not been in contact. Still, it would not be out of place for Daniel and one of his former enemies to bury the hat a few episodes before Cobra Kai mocked him and Johnny did the same.

Whether this team is working or not is ultimately something that will be tested by Cobra Kai season 4. There is reason to hope that these two senses can fix things, at least in the short term, so that Cobra Kai can be completely defeated.

However, Daniel and Johnny have so much history together that either one or both of them can refuse to pass. But if Chozen and Daniel go through their old feud, then there should be hope that Daniel and Johnny can do the same.

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