How ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’s’ Larry David handling the Pandemic and Show’s Return in 2021

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 Updates: Curb Your Enthusiasm  Season 10 aired their final episodes in March 2020 on HBO just before Covid-19 took over the world.

And suddenly, the only person who got it all correct was the germophobe Larry David, who was with the hand sanitizer all the while.

After the show ended, the fans and cast members started wondering how would Larry’s world of spit stores and yelling look like under the masks and whether there’d be another season of the show or not. Larry, for the Pandemic part, had all already sorted with his own mandates on sanitation and social distancing.

Writers decide to set the show in the post-pandemic world

The executive producer, Jeff Schaffer reported, that when Covid-19 reached the U.S, a significant amount of work had been done on Season 11, so Schaffer and David decided to look beyond the pandemic. He also admitted that they didn’t want to create a scenario that had all the characters in the lockdown and decided to set the next Season after the Covid world.

He added “COVID definitely happened and we definitely talk about it. But we were assuming that Biden would win and that things would be better by the fall of 2021. COVID is in the rear-view mirror, but it happened.”

Production for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 began in November’20

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11

After writing the entire story, David and Schaffer were in the second month of filming  the 11th Season of Curb Your Enthusiasm  but the pandemic protocols made the situation extremely complicated to get through

Schaffer admitted that the Curb team began researching ways to shoot about 7 months before filming on the first day. He also said that he takes Covid tests as much as 5 times a week.

So it is commendable that a person like David agreed to produce a Tv series even between the pandemic. “The fact that Larry is back onset is a tribute to classic writers syndrome,” said Schaffer.

Flashback of what happened in Season 10

The most tragic thing that happened in Season 10 was when the veteran comic actor, Bob Einstein who played Marty Funkhouser in the show passed away shortly after being diagnosed with cancer.

But the producers, who loved Einstein dearly weren’t ready to say goodbye on the show as yet, instead, they designed a plot of him being in China so that he continued to live in spirit throughout the season.



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