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WandaVision Paul Bettany Shares BTS Image of 1970s Episode


WandaVision Updates: WandaVision actor Paul Bettany recently posted a behind-the-scenes picture on Instagram of him dressed as Vision wearing a pair of glasses.

WandaVision is the show that started off MCU’s Phase 4. The series kicked off in January 2021 and ran through March on Disney+. WandaVision proved to be an exciting start to Phase 4 as it also introduced the concept of the multiverse in the MCU.

The series was much loved by the audience and also received a critical appraisal. The viewers saw the deepening relationship between Wanda and Vision and also Wanda’s powers reach their full potential. The show also introduced new characters to the MCU like Agatha Harkness and an adult Monica Rambeau, who will next appear in The Marvels.

Meanwhile, Wanda’s character and powers will be further explored in the upcoming movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

With multiple Emmy nominations, WandaVision has seen a new level of success. The immense success of the show has led people to believe that the show will have a second season.

WandaVision BTS Image


However, that possibility seems to be unlikely since the cast and crew of the show have been denying the possibility. While Disney+ series Loki confirmed Season 2 in the last episode of Season 1, the same did not happen with WandaVision. Fans of the show just have to be content with behind-the-scenes tidbits from season 1 for now until the release of Doctor Strange 2.

Paul Bettany who plays Vision in the MCU and WandaVision recently shared a behind-the-scenes picture of him in the costume of Vision wearing a pair of glasses. He added a funny caption to the post Oh boy…I tell ya…some mornings.

In the show, Bettany is seen wearing glasses in a couple of episodes but they have always been during Vision’s human appearance. The same can be seen in the show’s early posters. He is seen wearing glasses in the first episode which pays homage to 50’s television and also episode 3 which focuses on 70’s television. We have always seen Vision wearing glasses in his human form so seeing him in glasses while in his red skin is quite funny especially since Vision lacks ears to support the glasses.

We saw in the Disney+ documentary Assembled: The Making of WandaVision that Bettany’s appearance as Vision during filming is quite different from what the final product looks on screen. Vision’s ears are cut out with CGI, a fact that has been a subject of a joke on social media after the documentary was released. It is clear that a lot goes into the process of bringing Vision to life from the makeup to the CGI and obviously Bettany’s portrayal of the character. Although Vision’s character is dead in the MCU, fans hope to see the character return in the future in some capacity.