The Cleansing Hour Director Damien LeVeck Explores Exorcisms & Social Media Clout

The Cleansing Hour

The Cleansing Hour Updates: Directed by Damien LeVeck, Cleansing Hour is a new original Shudder that shows that there are terrible consequences on social media.

Taken from the award-winning short film LeVeck produced in 2016, the movie follows children’s friends Max and Drew, who run a successful web program featuring scheduled ghost extraction.

As live streaming begins, things take a turn for the worse, and employees have to contend with the fact that real property is being streamed to millions of viewers.

Cleansing Hourdirector Damien LeVeck describes the process of creating a unique movie to cast out demons in full space, the power of social media, and some terrifying moments that occur during a set time.

Because I worked as an editor for 15 years, you will never be able to edit your workflow in post-production. It just so happens that the work of TMZ was one of my first jobs as an editor. During all that time, for as long as I could, I had been in horror movies, even as a child. I like kind of movies.

The Cleansing Hour Director Damien LeVeck

The Cleansing Hour

I was writing from what I knew whenever Cleansing Hour happened because I had all this app working on an unwritten TV. I have combined my existing love of panic with my existing TV, which has nothing to do with work.

He changed Cleansing Hour from a short film he made in 2016. Considering that there are so many shocking ways, what motivates you to drive what you have?

I’ve always had a horrible relationship, just because I love this story. You know, I believe it’s a real thing. I like the way it organizes ideas for the interior of the audience.

This movie is my own because it draws on a lot of things I like and believe a lot. That’s why I like the kind of exorcism. Finding a way to do it in a different and different way was a challenge, but I was able to incorporate much of what I know and love into this film.

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