Twilight: The Saddest Things About Edward Cullen


Twilight Updates: Twilight is a vampire-themed, romantic drama where like all other drama series some seriously terrible things occur to the main characters.

Though there are many more horrible things that happen to the other Cullens as well, Edward suffers from them throughout the series.

He couldn’t find a partner for decades


Unlike all his family members, Edward was single for like a hundred years and literally seventh wheeling the whole time until he found out he one he truly fell for.

Watching the love of his life fall for someone else


Though he sometimes turned overly possessive, Edward understood the bond between Bella and Jacob. He felt their intimacy which grew between them when he was gone but never really implied on her to leave Jacob. He understood how equally tearing the situation must be for Bella.

He chose Death for himself


Just when he thought that Bella is dead, he planned his own death at the hands of Volturi as he could not bear to live without Bella.

Becoming Orphan


Details about his family have only been given in the Midnight Sun wherein it is revealed that he shared a warm bond with his mother but not particularly close to his father, both of whom died in the tragic Spanish Flu.

Twilight: Never Belonged to Cullens


Though he cared deeply about all the family members, he never really felt one of them and became introverted and lonely, which made him emotionally vulnerable.

Became a Vigilante


Edward went through a phase where he read people’s mind and became a blood-drinking monster.  Although it was to stop them from doing horrible things, what Edward did is also morally debatable.

Coming on the verge of losing Bella


He loved Bella more than anything in the world, but there are more than a few chances in the whole series where he almost came to a point of losing her. Edward is seen in the most vulnerable states at all these points, making it clear that there’s no Edward without Bella.

He blamed himself for making Bella unhuman


Time and again he felt guilty of ruining Bella’s life as she loses her humanly characters, getting old, facing death during her pregnancy, and whatnot. But he loved her dearly and wanted only the best for her, hence he is left in a muddle throughout.

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