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The Cleansing Hour Star Ryan Guzman Breaks Down His Complicated Character

The Cleansing Hour

The Cleansing Hour Updates: Taken from a short film with the same name, Cleansing Hour is a new original Shudder that will make the audience think twice about their social media use.

Directed by Damien LeVeck, the film follows Max (Ryan Guzman) and Drew (Kyle Gallner), the children’s friends who made a successful web show featuring organized ghosts; however, things turn out to be a shocking turn of events, with staff members having to contend with the reality that real property is being distributed to millions of viewers.

In addition, the character, Father Max. He is a courageous, arrogant, perverse person who encounters all these different things. There were many unanswered questions when I first read the text.

I wanted to work with Damien and dig deeper into who this person is and what he really lacks and why he goes after all these different things to fill him when nothing will work for him. That was a tempting part. It was so much about her personality trait.

The demon and all the madness, the consequences and everything, is like playing on the playground. That was the fun part. So, I loved showing performance, and I loved working with everyone. That was the part I didn’t wrap my head around, but I was so grateful it was happening right before my eyes.

The Cleansing Hour Ryan Guzman Complicated Character

The Cleansing Hour

Very, very lonely. Really, because he wants people who will love him and people who will assure him, and he has to be this big thing. In his confession, he even claims that he is trying to get something from other people to get some money or credit from it.

Not so much on the subject of spiritism. I think Damien and I agreed that we didn’t want to create something that has already happened in other films. In the making of demons to cast out demons, almost everything happened. Now, it’s just a repetition of that exorcism.

It was like how did we make these characters appear? How do we make Alix this demon of having everyone a little root, whether they like to admit it or not, because it’s a fun character to watch.

And with Kyle’s character, he’s my favorite part of the movie, Honesty. He’s an incredible character, but he brings this art, personality to this character, and he’s the best friend we all want.

So, it was those features that made the movie a reality and set the whole foundation. That way, we can add a demon, we can add effects, and we can add all of this suspicion and really magnify it.

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