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How Star Wars Could Bring Back A Weapon More Powerful Than The Darksaber

Star Wars

Star Wars Updates: The Darksaber is symbolically powerful, but the dagger of Mortis could be reinserted in a future Star Wars property.

The canon of Star Wars stressed Dark saber’s strength and significance in The Mandalorian, but future possibilities could offer an even more powerful weapon: the Dagger of Mortis.

But while the Mandalore’s weapon is almost the same as other light-saber technically, the Mortis Dagger is far more able than any other light-driver.

The Dagger is a possible trace feature of The Mandalorian, and Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic at a cross over the case, which may appear in many upcoming Disney with addition to this Star Wars shows. However, what is and what can the Dagger of Mortis do?

Star Wars Introduces more Powerful Weapon

The Mortis Dagger appeared at the beginning of Star Wars: The Clone Wars where the three Star Wars Force Users, known as Mortis, were fought. All these beings called The Father, The Daughter, and The Sound used the Force, which was almost omnipotent, so that, in comparison with Mortis, natural abilities and arms of Jedi and Sith paled.

The powers were also almost immortal but one of the only things that could defeat them was the Mortis Dagger. The dagger was aimed at killing the daughter and the father and to destroy the sound indirectly (whose immortality was removed upon the death of The Father).

Star Wars

The Dark saber has the unique color and origin of a lightsaber blade, but ultimately it is just another functional lightsaber, though it increases wielder’s assault and tugs on its dark side instincts.

However, the true power of the weapon comes from Mandalorians’ historical and cultural significance. You must beat the proprietor of Darksaber in the battle to make a legal claim, and the gunman is regarded as the true ruler of Mandalore (at least by the time of 9 ABY).

The Mortis Dagger can destroy a God-like force wielder and far outstrips any lightsaber, the Dark saber included. Given the linkages between Ahsoka Tano, Mortis Powers, and the World Between Worlds, the Dagger will easily return to Ahsoka.

Due to their mutual links to Mortis powers the Mortis Dagger may also be connected to the magical Realm Between Worlds. Maybe the Mortis Dagger is a way to reach the mystical plane rather than destroy Force wielders.

The WW provides tourists access to every point in time and in space, so Din Djarin, Cara Dune (and the two of Luke Skywalker, and Grogu) can easily be interested in the adventures of Ahsoka. Though improbable, the airplane (and the Dagger) may be a catalyst for crossing between the canons of Star Wars and Legends.