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The Flash Season 7: New Time Travel by Wally West is Troubling

The Flash Season 7

The Flash Season 7 Updates: Owing to a freak accident, Wally West is zipping down the time stream and he is doing so in the most disturbing way possible.

In the pages of The Flash, Wally West has uncovered a new form of time travel and it is one of the most disturbing methods of doing so by having the bodies of other speedsters in the past and present.

In The Flash #769, published by Jeremy Adams with art by David LaFuente and Brandon Peterson, with a cover by Peterson and a version by Zi Xu, readers can see it on view. The dilemma lies in stores on April 20.

The past decade has not been generous to the original Kid Flash, Wally West. He will return in Regeneration to a planet that did not recognize him after he was scrubbed from life and replaced during the New 52 period.

During Heroes in Turmoil, his sorrow and rage at losing the life he had known led him to inadvertently kill many heroes. He found the Mobius chair from there and acquired Doctor Manhattan’s powers; he was reunited with his wife and children and would play a central part in Death Metal’s Dark Nights.

All this has caught up with Wally and he’s preparing for retirement now, but it’s not going to be as straightforward as Wally still wants Barry Allen, the new Flash, in the war against evil.

When readers encounter Wally in issue 769, an accident has thrown him into the time stream, but he has the body of other speedsters with a special and unsettling twist.

Thrown into the 30th century, Bart Allen’s body, AKA Instinct, is taken over by him. Wally must now uncover the origin of the time leaps and why the bodies of other speedsters are populated by him. The Gold Beetle, a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold hybrid, will assist him.


The Flash Season 7

Authored by JEREMY ADAMS



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Know more about Time Travel in The Flash Season 7 

The former Kid Flash lands in the body of his one-time girlfriend, Impulse, after an explosion forces Wally West into the timeline.

Now sprinting side by side with the enigmatic (and, heck, ridiculous) Gold Beetle through the 30th century, Wally must discover what’s behind the explosive blasts that threaten to drive him through time and other speedsters’ bodies.

The idea of jumping through time by inhabiting others’ bodies is nothing new; the concept was based on whole tv series, but here it gets a special twist.

Others blessed with super speed are the only bodies Wally can occupy. Is there a link between Speed Force and time jumps? Or is there else at work here?

When Wally inhabits her body, what happens to the other speedsters? And will Wally be allowed to retire eventually? This March, DC introduces Infinite Frontier, and it aims to shake things up, bringing some of the most beloved heroes of DC, the Flash among them, new directions, and status quos.

As it has given him a lot of sorrow, Wally needs to be done with the Flash mantle, but the valiant life is not done with him yet. Maybe Wally will rediscover what it is to be Flash in the course of going home.