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The Flash Season 7: When will the new installment’s production start?


The Flash is an American superhero drama series. Despite its popularity, the upcoming sequel was in a debatable position. As the new season’s production was shelved owing to the current pandemic situation. But, now that situation has been relaxed, the production companies have started their work. According to sources, the cast and crew will soon begin the production for season 7.

When will The Flash start its production?

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, a series called Flash has set his production for the upcoming year 2021. The production hub has made sure, that everyone followed the COVID-19 protocol for all the forthcoming seasons. It even includes The Flash, a Berlanti Production series.

The show is yet to start, but sources report that the Batwoman, an Arrowverse series has begun its shooting already. According to sources, the Scarlet Speedster- centered series will start production anytime soon.

-The Flash`

However, the creators have decided on a date for the production to start. The date, 1st October 2020 is fixed to begin the production for the upcoming season 7. The Flash is supposed to launch the latest episodes on the CW towards the beginning of 2021.

Season 7 is going to be a bit more unpredictable

Owing to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the makers had to take some drastic steps. The 19th episode of The Flash, Season 6 was declared as the makeshift Season finale. Hence, many fans were left baffled, as they are still wondering what happened with the Team Flash.

A more surprising fact, which occurred during this chaotic situation, is Hartley’s tweet. Hartley Sawyer, portraying the role of Ralph Dibney was removed for his misogynistic and racist tweet, which he tweeted before his stint on the Flash.

This challenging situation of the ongoing pandemic has resulted in presenting a unique challenge for show writers. But, then, showrunner Eric Wallace mentioned that there might be some unpredictability in Season 7. 

When life gives you a lemon, just make it into lemonade. This is what showrunner Eric is doing in the current pandemic situation, and together they have decided to add several intriguing twists and turns to the season. They have decided to bring a narrative unpredictability to the upcoming season.

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