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Peter Parker Warned Miles Morales Not To Repeat Spider-Man’s Biggest Mistake

Peter Parker
Peter Parker

Spider-Man Updates: Peter Parker once cautioned Miles Morales about being Spider-Man that just turned out to be relevant with a new Marvel declaration. 

Our friendly superhero, Miles is going to encounter his very own clone from Spider-Man’s Clone Saga. Before that occurred, Peter Parker cautioned him about his greatest misstep, which was getting cloned.

This has now gotten much more relevant with the current Spider-Man getting his own Clone Saga from Marvel Comics later in 2021. 

The first Clone Saga from the mid-90s is quite possibly the most critically acclaimed comics ever. This saw the development of Ben Reilly’s storylines who is another Spider-Man, who uncovered that he was really the first form of Parker, and Peter was a clone.

While that ended up being bogus, the story kept going excessively confusing even for fanatic Spider-Man fans. At last, it had its legacy as a wreck instead of an exemplary Spiderman story.

Along these lines, it was amazing when Marvel uncovered recently that the Clone Saga would get a modern remake, as Miles Morales would encounter his own form of the storyline beginning in April’s Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25. 

What Peter Parker actually said to Miles Morales?

Peter Parker
Peter Parker

In 2012’s fifth issue of Spider-Men, Peter Parker ends up on Miles’s Earth-1610 otherwise known as the Ultimate Universe, subsequent to getting transported there after a battle with Mysterio.

On Miles’s Earth, he learns their version of Peter is long dead and his secret identity is out. Subsequent to defeating Mysterio in a fight, Miles and Peter have a conversation, where Parker gives him his approval as Spider-Man.

As he’s going to return to his own Earth, Peter offers some counsel, which says “don’t allow anybody to clone you.” 

The entirety of Peter’s recommendations was tongue and cheek, yet he certainly didn’t need Miles to encounter all the hardships that accompany being cloned.

Much to his dismay, eight years after, Miles would confront similar danger in his own universe and Earth-616. You can’t condemn him for giving him the advice about clones – it was a catastrophe for Peter. 

Ideally, Clone Saga doesn’t continue in the strides of the chaotic OG storyline. They have a genuine possibility at recovering Spider-Man-related clone stories, as Miles’ journey will place him in a familiar region with the main Spidy.

We can only hope that Miles Morales: Spider-Man’s Clone Saga story is more sound and engaging than the story that motivated it. Miles could be rehashing Peter’s greatest blunder, however, don’t state the first Spider-Man didn’t attempt to caution him first.

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