Apex Legends Datamine Reveals New 3v3 Deathmatch And Bow & Arrow Weapon

Apex Legends Datamine Updates: Apex Legends is a game developed by Respawn Entertainment. The company released it almost two years ago, in February 2019 with the help of Electronic Arts.

The game is a first-person shooter battle Royale game. There is no access fee for the game. It is free for the players to play. It is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows and Xbox One.

It is a multiplayer game and the players play in groups of three. These groups are called Squads and the characters are called Legends. The great thing about this game is that one does not need their own squad to play.

Players can be matched with other players from all over the world to play the game. The squads can either consist of two or three players.

During the game, the players can either stick with their squad or they can roam the map. Weapons and other equipment have been scattered throughout the map.

The players can go scavenge this. Since the game is free for all, the makers make money by letting the players spend real-life money in the form of game currency in the game. Players can use it to buy loot boxes or upgrade their weapons.

Since its first launch, the game has had seven seasons. Each season, new characters have been introduced. Each season lasts for three months. New weapons and new cosmetic items are released every season along with some changes to the map.

Apex Legends Datamine New Weapon

Apex Legends Datamine
Apex Legends Datamine

Apart from the season’s, the makers conduct some limited time events to keep the player’s more engaged.

@Shrugtal, the self-proclaimed Apex Legends skin prophet in one of his data-mining expeditions has found that the game will get a new mode of the battle Royale game. New weapons such as the bow and the arrow are to be introduced as well.

In the present fast-moving consumerist environment, new updates tend to get old as soon as they are out. With the way the creators of Apex Legends have been developing this game, it seems like it is going to be timeless. With the new update, the game could be enjoyed by anyone no matter the new trends.

Since its inception, the game has been nominated for fifteen awards out of which it has won seven. Although the game was released without any marketing, it had one million users, only eight hours after its launch.

Now the total number of users has crossed 70 million. The game has received flattering reviews from the critics. With the new updates in the game, it’s popularity is bound to grow. No official date has been given for the update’s release, but prepare yourself to have your mind blown.


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