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Hitman 3: Blood Money PC Price in India Hiked in Excess of 100 Percent With No Warning

Hitman 3

Hitman 3: Blood Money Updates: Hitman 3 is an adventurous video game released on January 20, 2021, on Xbox Series and Xbox one published and developed by IO Interactive A/S. It is written by Michael Vogt.

It is designed and developed by Jesper Hilling. It’s a Deluxe Edition with deluxe suits and times and digital soundtracks. Internet access is mandatory to redeem the digital soundtrack.

It’s an immersive game world to give unique player choice and compensation. It’s full of new creations. It’s also providing HDR functionality. Gamers are allowed to bring in locations from the first two games.

The creators of Hitman 3 have increased the price of PC versions in India without any ultimatum and the makers said that it is happening because the gamers of other countries will buy it at a cheap price but the makers are ensuring the higher price for the Hitman 3.

And they have the right to charge according to their want as there are no competing options. It may happen because of the fall in the rupee. And the makers are planning higher prices. Now the gamers of India should sell the first two versions.


Hitman 1 got released in 2016, a game about being a Hitman and taking out people. After the great success of Hitman 1, makers developed Hitman 2 on November 9, 2018, which was liked by 95% of gamers.

It continued Hitman 1 and the story of 47 exploring the world, killing obstacles in an innovative way. But both the Hitmans are different inversions, there is no similarity in both the versions. After the success of Hitman 2 got 7.7/10 stars, now makers are up to the release of Hitman 3 in a few days.

Hitman 3
Hitman 3

It’s an interesting game and all the gamers are very excited about this version and for new features. Hitman doesn’t carry a good story but according to gameplay is an interesting game.

It is played on a single-mode with no multiplayer mode available. It follows a strict killing as he goes on an adventure and solves a tricky series of unconnected killings.

Hitman gets a large number of chances to kill in which many of them are unusual. The destinations are decided by a small group of development leads. It’s a puzzle game with actions. The game provides many ways for the gamers to move in or move out of a level.

Hitman 3 Reviews:

Hitman got positive views as it is an adventurous game. Its levels and designs are appreciated by the critics. But basically, gamers didn’t like the always-online requirement and excessive hand-holding.

And Indian gamers are upset because of the higher prices they are going to charge for the installation of Hitman 3 which is very unhappy and sorrowful.

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