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Stranger Things Season 4: David Harbor aka Sheriff Hooper’s Twisted Fate

Stranger Things Season 4 Sheriff

Stranger Things Season 4 Updates: Stranger Things fans can no longer wait for the outcome of season 3 to leave them unsatisfied. Especially since the rest of the series promises to be rich in twists and turns. It must be said that the writers did not lack time to refine the script.

With the cumulative delay due to the health crisis, they had the opportunity to add spice to the plot. The rumors were mostly centered around Hopper’s death at the end of season 3. His character would be back in season 4, however, but not necessarily with good news. Our friends are still in trouble if we only notice Eleven who has lost her supernatural powers.

David Harbor at the center of the plot in Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date

The writers thus to affirm that they had even gone so far as to modify the plot during confinement. Which promises us many unexpected twists and turns. Fans of David Harbor can in any case be reassured because his character has indeed survived the end of Stranger Things season 3. However, he was taken by the Russians who imprisoned him in the lost lands of Kamchatka. We wonder how he will do to free himself. In any case, his living conditions in these hostile regions are particularly difficult.

It is clear that Jim Hopper will have his work cut out for him to break free from where he is being held. The scenario of Stranger Things season 4 should therefore focus more on his case.

Sheriff Hooper is back in Stranger Things

As a reminder, Eleven’s adoptive father sacrificed himself in the final episode of the third installment in order to save all the people around the Starcourt. Fortunately, a Netflix teaser shows Sheriff Hopper trapped in a gulag in Russia. Yes, he is alive and well, and without doubt, the fourth opus will lift the veil on the fate reserved for this emblematic character. This fourth salvo of episodes will also reveal the mysterious past of the hero, according to the confidences of David Harbor. As for Eleven, there is a rumor that she will regain her powers in order to save him.

Aside from the young heroes of Hawkins, new characters have also joined the cast. We know for example that Robert Englund alias Freddy Krueger (Freddy: The Claws of the night) will slip into the skin of Victor Creel. The latter is described as an imposing and disturbed man, imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital. As for Joseph Quinn, he will play the role of Eddie Munson, the leader of the Hellfire Club, the group at the center of the plot. Regarding the release date, the fourth part could land on Netflix between March to June 2021. However, according to rumors, the sequel will not be available until the end of the year due to delays caused by stopping filming.

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