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Is Viking Season 7 Really Canceled? – Creator’s Words

Vikings Season 7 Really Canceled

Viking Season 7 has been canceled as per the creators of the show! That’s it, the Vikings series ended after 6 seasons. Viewers who have followed the adventures of Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), or Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) will not be entitled to a season 7. But why? Creator Michael Hirst opened up about his reasons for ending the series despite its success. Attention spoilers!

Creator reveals why he doesn’t want a Vikings season 7

Vikings, it’s over. After 6 seasons full of twists and turns, the historic series on Ragnar and his sons have come to an end. Creator Michael Hirst told Collider that he was the one who decided to stop Vikings. Despite the great success of his series, he preferred to stop the episodes after season 6. There will therefore be no season 7, but a spin-off called Valhalla is planned on Netflix. Attention spoilers!

Viking Season 7 Canceled

Michael Hirst has revealed on TV Guide, that he doesn’t know how many seasons he will make in total for Vikings, but instead from the start he has known how to end the series. “All I knew was where it was going to end if I had the chance to do it, ” he explained, “I was the one who decided it was going to end. knew it would end with the discovery of America, that’s how it was planned from the start. “

Yes, because at the end of season 6, after the death of Bjorn and the death of Ivar, viewers find themselves Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), sitting side on a beach-side part of America. New land for a new chapter for the two men from the north. The showrunner, therefore, kept his promise by ending the series as he wanted from the start.

“It had to end, all the intrigues had to be concluded”
In addition to knowing in advance how he wanted to end Vikings, Michael Hirst admitted that he was getting a little tired of having to write the different plots of the 6 seasons. “I have to say frankly that after spending every day, and sometimes part of the night, for 7 years writing, thinking and living this series, I had to wrap it up, ” he explained, ” I needed to end the saga. But more importantly, I had to end it. “

But be careful, “it had to end, all the plots had to be concluded satisfactorily. I didn’t want to fool anyone, neither the actors, nor the characters, nor the audience. The big challenge was to wrap them all up. the various plots with justice, in a satisfying and emotionally satisfying way, which meant that I had to kill some of my most beloved characters ” he confessed (we all remember the terrible death of Ragnar played by Travis Fimmel ), “So it was really an amazing emotional experience to write these last 10 episodes. “