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Lucifer Season 6: Which episode will DB Woodside don the director’s hat for?

Lucifer Season 6
Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer Season 6 Updates: To the astonishment of its admirers, an episode in season 6 of Lucifer will experience the directorial debut of DB Woodside. To know more about the episode, read ahead.

Post completion of its 5 seasons successfully, Lucifer has come up with yet another season to exhilarate its fans with the engrossing drama.

The anxiousness of the fans has, however, been contented through multiple tweets from the writer’s room thereby helping viewers form an expectation regarding the following season. Amidst various tweets hinting at facts about the season, the makers have unveiled the directorial debut of DB Woodside in one of the episodes.

This has led to the disclosure of the startling fact that DB Woodside will be the one to don the director’s hat for an episode of the adorable series.

Lucifer Season 6: What Episode of Lucifer will DB Woodside direct?

The reports provided by Express UK, reveal the prospects of the eighth episode to be the one. This will be the initiation of the actor’s debut in direction.

Considering the information of the news portal, the title of the episode has been set as Save the Devil, Save the World. The episode, written by Aiyana White is all set to be directed now.

Lucifer Season 6
Lucifer Season 6

On being encountered with the news, the actor, through a tweet, stated, “This is gonna be fun” thereby expressing his anxiousness and jubilance. The synopsis of the season has not yet been disclosed by the makers as a consequence of which the curiosity of the fans will not cease till the release of the season. Besides, the season will also acquaint its viewers with the need behind Lucifer’s saving.

The makers of the show are also overwhelmed to have DB Woodside to assist them in the direction. Besides, multiple casts of the drama also expressed their happiness and well wishes for the new director.

One of the integral protagonists of the show, Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer on-screen also expressed congratulations to his on-screen brother. In his tweet, Tom Ellis has expressed his delight to have DB Woodside both on-screen and behind the scenes during the shoot.

The most joyous responses have been received from the fans of the show as they have showered the actor with their good wishes and luck for his directorial debut.