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Sex and the City Reboot: the return of the series confirmed

Sex and the City Reboot

Sex and the City Reboot join the list of series to make their comeback! Unlike Gossip Girl or True Blood, it will not be a reboot but a revival with the return of actresses from the original series, like the new season of Dexter. Finally, not all of them will resume their roles …

Sex and the City Reboot Confirmed but without Samantha

Sex and the City Reboot but without Samantha
SEX AND THE CITY: THE MOVIE, Kim Cattrall, 2008. ©New Line Cinema/courtesy Everett Collection

As per the SUN, As it had been announced just before Christmas, this new season of Sex and the City  Reboot will be done without Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha. For several years, the actress who is cold with Sarah Jessica Parker had suggested that she did not want to resume her role and wanted to be replaced. This is obviously not the option chosen by the HBO Max platform.

Instead, this new chapter in the cult series, titled And Just Like That (“Et just comme ça” in French) will follow Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda ( Cynthia Nixon ), and Charlotte ( Kristin Davis ) as they when are now in their fifties. On her Instagram account, Sarah Jessica Parker posted a teaser of Sex and the City Reboot:

10 upcoming episodes in Sex and the City Reboot

Sex and the City Reboot Confirmed

This Sex and the City Reboot will consist of 10 episodes and we do not yet know the release date. However, we know that filming should begin in New York at the end of spring if the health crisis obviously allows it. For now, we do not know what will have become of Samantha’s character. Will she be dead or will she have left town? Nothing says so far that the series will give us the answer and we will therefore have to wait before knowing more.

Tense atmosphere Kim Cattrall and production

In addition, his relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker would even be particularly cold now. The reason? The latter would have implied that Kim Cattrall was a diva at the origin of the cancellation of a third film. A version logically and strongly refuted by the main interested party: “I perfectly remember making that decision. Last December I got a call for the 3rd movie and just said ‘Thank you, but no’. Now, while I just said ‘no’ I find myself at the heart of a lot of criticism and implication that I asked for too much money or made my diva … And that’s where I get it wants the people of Sex and the City reboot and especially Sarah Jessica Parker. I think she could have been much nicer.

And you can say ‘Thanks, but I feel like I’ve moved on. But thank you.’ And that person walks away and says’ Okay, that’s okay. Good luck in the future. That isn’t what happened here. I feel like I’m in a toxic relationship with the team. “Atmosphere.

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