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Vikings Season 7: Are we getting a new Season and What can we expect?

Vikings Season 7
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Vikings Season 7 Updates: Vikings has managed to successfully release six seasons and has been well received both by the critics and the viewers. The historical TV drama has an incredible storyline and can we expect it to carry the fans further with another season?

Vikings: Will we have the 7th Season?

Since the finale of the sixth season aired in February 2020, the fans of the drama series have been eagerly anticipating the release of season 7.

The credit for keeping the fans hooked to the show can be given to the interesting and unique storyline the show is based on.

Sadly, History Channel has officially canceled the making of another season of the TV series so the answer is no, we will not be seeing the 7th season of Vikings but the fans need not be disheartened as we will surely see a second part of the sixth season.

Season 6 was divided into two parts of which only one has been released till now. We do not have an official release date yet but the second part of Season 6 is expected to drop in the next year.

Let’s hope we get all the answers to the confusing questions of Season 6 part 1 so that we can be satisfied with the show finale and not having another season will not bother fans much.

Vikings Season 7
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Vikings Season 7: Why having another season seemed like a good idea

Revolving around the incredible journey of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok from a farmer to a powerful Viking and a scourge of England and France, the 1st part of the sixth season of the historical drama Viking has given us a lot to think about.

With Ragnar’s rise to fame and now the witnessing of the journey of his sons, the last season ended with Ivan stabbing Bjorn.

We are eagerly waiting for the powerful comeback of Bjorn and him conquering the throne in the second part of Season 6.

Though we don’t think that the few numbers of episodes will be able to bring the epic ending the show deserves, we can only wish that the creators of the show will reconsider their decision about a seventh season.