Here’s what Wonder Woman 1984 fans are worried about

Wonder Woman 1984 Updates: We’re only a couple hours from the U.S. debut of Wonder Woman 1984, as the DC Extended Universe film will be…

Published: December 29th, 2020 12:38 pm | Updated: December 29, 2020 12:38 pm

Wonder Woman 1984 Updates: We’re only a couple hours from the U.S. debut of Wonder Woman 1984, as the DC Extended Universe film will be available both in select theaters and on HBO Max on Christmas Day.

Given the extraordinary idea of the film’s delivery in the midst of the progressing COVID-19 pandemic – and the years worth of expectation that have encircled the film – it’s quite protected to state that fans are advertised.

And yet, there is evidently a touch of faltering in the number one spot up to the film’s debut – particularly for the individuals who will watch it on HBO Max.

Fans have just taken to Twitter to conjecture about Wonder Woman 1984’s delivery on HBO Max, and to contemplate whether the deluge of individuals watching the film will make the administration crash when it debuts around early afternoon EST on Friday.

What fans thinks about Wonder Woman 1984

While there’s definitely no telling whether that will be the situation, that hasn’t prevented fans from stressing. Here are only a couple of those reactions.

pretty excited to base my holiday tomorrow around Wonder Woman 1984……

Wonder Woman 1984

….but a little paranoid HBO Max is gonna crash when I try to watch.


— BLACK LIVES MATTER. (@stevieducks) December 24, 2020

Anyone else expect @hbomax to crash at 12 pm EST tomorrow? #WonderWoman

— House Exhausted (@NerdyPopCulture) December 25, 2020

HBO Max may crash tomorrow under the weight of folks jumping on to watch ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. Between all the new subscribers and folks trying to stream it at the same time will be strenuous.

— Michael™ Agent Of SHIELD (Level 7) (@SecretAvenger22) December 25, 2020

I hope HBO Max doesn’t crash tomorrow

— Stacey Abrams stan (@mellowlifee) December 24, 2020

I feel like HBO Max is going to crash on Friday so I think I might wait and avoid the spoilers.

— ᒣᲖ,ᦲᦲᦲ ꪶ꠸ᧁꫝꪻ-ꪗꫀꪖ᥅ᦓ (@therealmonzo) December 22, 2020

@hbomax better hold up enough servers on the 25th December for #WonderWoman . We don’t want server overloads/crash problems like when every new Game of Thrones season premiered on @hbonow

— I just think (@bishbishN) December 20, 2020

So how badly do we all think @hbomax is gonna crash when #WonderWoman1984 drops? We still get errors and buffering like hell on our ps4 when nothing major is dropping ??? can only imagine how janky it’s gonna work

— Danielle (@sugarkittymeow) December 24, 2020

Used one of my powers to see Friday and since everyone will be trying to watch #WonderWoman1984 the internet will be slow and HBO Max will crash.

— A Pandemic Holiday (@MrAlexander85) December 22, 2020

Let’s see what HBO really does, we all hope to watch this amazing movie without any hassel. It seems fans have their finger crossed and are really excited to see wonders on screen.

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