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Fast & Furious mightn’t be bringing back Brian as the ending was perfect for him

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Fast & Furious is an action thriller movie. The movie is based on illegal street racing, heists, and spies. The Fast & Furious action series movie is gotten so many reviews from the fans and viewers.

They made seven-series of the movie already. The nine-series wouldn’t release in 2020 due to the COVID-19, but their production is already done. So, if everything goes in the right then it will get air in 2021.

The series has been successfully running and it is Universal’s biggest franchise with the tenth highest-grossing film series ever.  With the combination, the series has gotten off over $5.8 billion.

Brian appearance in Fast& Furious

Brian first appeared in the Fast & furious where he was an undercover cop. He was mixed the Los Angeles street racing scene for a special mission. During the time of investigation of him, he fell in with Dominic Toretto and a group of criminals.

Fast & Furious

Brian left his career in Law enforcement and aligning with Dom in his globetrotting heists. Both of them made good relations while they were getting older and Brian started a family with Dom’s sister Mia.

Paul Walker passed away before filming ended on Furious 7. The original actor left so many valuable footage. Caleb and Cody, Walker’s brother helped Brian’s presence with a mix of necessary CGI.

After Deckard Shaw captured and Mose Jakande, a terrorist, killed Doom and his crew members were so free to live a peaceful life.

The group was seen on as a newly retired Brian played with his young son. After that Brian jumped behind the wheel of his car to face off with Dom one more time with other directions. It was the perfect sendoff for Walker and his long time running character.

Brian back would hurt his sendoff 

The ending part of the original Fast & Furious movie series now in sight and Universal Studios might be tempted to bring back Brian to the final concept for the film.

Even with the absence of Brian, he left a core figure for the franchise. So, this character might diminish his original sendoff.

But, Mia’s planned for Fast & Furious 9, there would a discussion regarding Brian’s presence. The same question may arise in the final two fast & Furious installments.

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