Wonder Woman 1984: know what happen in the end

The story of ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ is packed with a lot of action for Diana to face off two villains at a time: Cheetah and…

Published: December 28th, 2020 6:34 am | Updated: December 28, 2020 6:34 am

The story of ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ is packed with a lot of action for Diana to face off two villains at a time: Cheetah and Maxwell lord. There has been a lot of questions about the end of the story, and a lot of people have burning questions about the film.

The upcoming movie of wonder Woman is been intriguing for the audience to go back and watch the first movie. there is a lot in the first movie which can relate the viewer in the upcoming movie. in the first movie the audience has been encouraged to think of the DC blockbuster as a relative standalone.

Wonder Woman 1984: Update

Wonder Women 1984

Here we will tell you what happens at the end of the superhero sequel? will there a future franchise of the film or not? who will be back in the upcoming sequel?

In Wonder Woman 1984 the major mysterious plot was that how Chris Pine back as Steve Trevor? and here is the answer to this: Diana wishes on dream stone for her death beau’s return after that Steve’s spirit or soul or something of his has come into an engineer played by Kristoffer Polaha, who was later created as a handsome man. while everybody else sees Kristoffer as a handsome man only Diana was able to see him as Steve who has possessed someone else body.

Unfortunately for Steve, Diana must re-announce her wish to save the world, by sending Steve back to the place from where he has come. and at the end of the movie Steve dies by saying to Diana that he is really gone and he is probably never gonna come back again. “I m really gone,” he says in the last scene.

Due to the heartbreak, after Steve dies, Diana runs, and then she could also fly. using what Steve taught her to understand how to fly.

It’s Diana’s accomplishment but it’s also a symbol that how much Diana miss Steve and he affects her life. at the beginning of the film, Diana tells Barbara that she still sees steve flying in the sky and this shows how much she misses him. and now that she knows how to get to the sky she is thinking of Steve as she is doing a thing which Steve loves to do.