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Demon Slayer Steadily Moves Towards Becoming Japan’s Top-grossing Film

Demon Slayer Season 2
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Demon Slayer Updates: Demon slayer a Japanese anime series seems to be grossing huge capital. The pandemic seems to have brought good luck to the anime series.

The plot rolls out a young boy; who vows to destroy all afreets. The young lad’s parents were murdered by demons and thus the boy sets on vengeance. Straits has reported to the movie saw a huge growth in the fandom due to the pandemic.

Demon Slayer is Japan’s top-grossing film?

The film mirrors inspiration from the original Demon Slayer manga comics and anime series too. The show features accents that pay plaudits to the Japanese culture which fans have loved throughout the broadcast.

Reports have floored that the manga rose to popularity due to its gesture of commendation to the traditional Japanese values.  It is believed that the audience started to distract from the existence of the plot. And the narration in the movie grabs the audience.

Demon Slayer

As a movie commentator expressed his delight in seeing the portray of traditional  Japanese culture in the world of lost traditions. He was enraptured by the thoughtful approach by the director to bring back the traditions through visual representation.

Currently Spirited away is the top-grossing Oscar-winning movie in Japan.

The film was released in 2001 and has been the top-grossing film since then.

And now after two decades, it has got a competitor to slay it.

Demon slayer is steadily inching towards dethroning Spirited away from its position. The movie has already opened up in a number of Asian countries and will soon be seen in the West in the coming year.

The Demon Slayer org has been running since 2016 and has gathered huge fandom.

However, it is a huge one and has been running for 4 years now.

The anime sold out100 million copies of the first 22 books that were released around that time

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