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7 Little Johnstons Returning with new Episode-Click to know

7 Little Johnstons
7 Little Johnstons

7 Little Johnstons Updates: The actor Jonah is now 21 years old. The internet can’t stop itself from wishing him. Because of the pandemic, it does look like he had a good time to attend the great wishes. With the news of the upcoming season, Jonah turning 21 brings in a different view of the star cast.

In the official Instagram account of 7 Little Johnstons, Jonah was given Birthday wishes. They shared a throwback image from his childhood, in which he was very small.

Jonah was the first child of his parents and then they went on to have six more children. The couple expressed surprise at their oldest child turning 21 already! They also thanked their son for giving them the gift of becoming parents. The proud parents of seven, at last, said ‘Love you’ to their doting child.

All About 7 Little Johnstons

Everyone swarmed the comments section sending birthday wishes. In 10 hours, the birthday post had around 3ok likes and nearly 1k comments. They wished Jonah a happy birthday and hoped for his wonderful life ahead.

In the teaser of the new season of the show, we see the folks putting a deadline on how much time their eldest son has to leave their house. The eighth season of the show is set to Release in December end.

7 Little Johnstons
7 Little Johnstons

It was revealed last month that the show is set to return with another season shortly. The show revolves around the lives of the world’s largest-known little family, which has to live with a rare genetic condition called achondroplasia, which is the most common form of dwarfism.

The Eight season of this show, releases on December 29, and will see the parents struggling with having their five children under the same roof. The reason is the ongoing pandemic.

Also Amber and Trent will look for new ways to spice up their marriage. The couple tries everything, from pole dancing to seeing an intimacy coach.  Amber also prepares to return to work full-time as a teacher.

In spite of all the talks surrounding her height, she gears up for the work. Moreover, we have Elizabeth balancing college courses and her relationship with her boyfriend Brice. Trent and Amber are going to have a conversation with Jonah and decide if he is fine enough to stay with them.

The show will premiere at 8 in the evening.

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