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Haunting Of Hill House: Mike Flanagan Says No Plans For Season 3.

The Haunting Netflix: All the latest details

The horror show ‘Haunting Of Hill House ’has no updates or plans for its season 3. The creator of the series Mike Flanagan opened that there are no plans for the season 3 for this moment.

The master of horror series and the creator of ‘Haunting Of Hill House’ –Mike Flanagan has worked with many projects of the same kind. He is the master of Netflix anthology series which includes- Ouija: Origin Of Evil, Hush, The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep and Gerald’s Game. He has been playing a very important role for Netflix’s anthology series.

‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ aired in 2018. The series was a horror masterpiece and even gained applauds from critics. The series was named as one of the scariest series on Netflix. The creator and production company has made the series to top the list of highly scary series.

Haunting Of Hill House Season 3: Update

The series had its follow up in October 2020. This was titled as ‘Haunted Of Bly Manor’. The series was praised the similar way as was done with the season 1.

Haunting Of Hill House
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It will be good to say that the sequel of the series, released in October was a bit different from season 1. It had about 1.2 billion minutes of watch time.

Know What The Creator Says

Recently the creator of the series Mike Flanagan was questioned for the season 3 by one of the fan. Replying to the fan Mike wrote “At the moment there are no plans for more chapters.

Never say never, of course, but right now we are focused on a full slate of other @intrepid projects for 2021 and beyond. If the things change we will absolutely let everyone know!”

This is true that the statements by Mike are quite disappointing, but he still shows hope while he writes “never say never”. The statements are clear that the production unit is not planning for the season 3, but the things may change.

How Is This Series Different From Other Horrors?

Mike has been successful in making a shift towards horror. It is really very difficult to maintain the state of fear among its views with almost 10 hour long series. Looking at the past decades it can be seen that, the horror genre was not so popular among viewers, but now it is one of the most favorable one.

As for now the matter is of when. The second season- The Haunting Of Bly Manor was quite different from season 1. In terms of horror, the second season was less scary and was more focused on the story of ruminating on love and loss.

Mike Flanagan is working with the various other projects, as his post suggests. So it is not good to expect the season’s other renewal soon.

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