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The Walking Dead Season 11: Isn’t Addressing Commonwealth

The Walking Dead Season 11
The Walking Dead Season 11

The Walking Dead Season 11 Updates: The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror television series based on the comic book series of the same name Robert Kirkman.

Why the walking dead is waiting until season 11 to dive into the commonwealth story? Here’s the answer, the walking dead season 10 was originally set to wrap in the earlier of this year, and the airing of season 10 finale was postponed.

This delay came about because of post-production on the episode couldn’t complete on time because of the issue of COVID-19. The finale has to conduct in October but the delay was only the start of the pandemic’s impact on this AMC series called The Walking Dead.

With the release of the walking dead season 10 finale, they also announced season 11. So it’s not only the finale of season 10 rather than moving on to season 11. And also AMC extends season 10 by adding six additional episodes.

These six episodes will come in earlier in 2021 and they are currently being filmed under the safety and new guidelines of COVID-19. Which includes masks and face shield for all the members of the set and also they shouldn’t share makeup with anyone else.

They should maintain social distance and they should come with a limited number of members. With these precautions, they are going to complete all six episodes.

All About The Walking Dead Season 11:

The Walking Dead Season 11
The Walking Dead Season 11

In the bonus episodes of season 10, the walking dead is focusing on smaller and more intimate stories. These episodes are likely less effects-heavy and they won’t require as many extras audience won’t have much patience to wait long for new episodes, but it’s the same reason why the walking dead is holding off on the commonwealth until season 11.

In this comic, the commonwealth is a massive community. In firstly the survivors become aware of Eugene’s communication over the radio with Stephanie.

She’s the president of the commonwealth when season 10 returns only one out of six episodes will check back in the group.

Why it’s not addressing commonwealth:

The commonwealth is the largest community to be featured on the walking dead. AMC needs dozens of employees to hold with a large number of actors and the sets of the commonwealth will also need a large scale of the community.

Also, this need more crew members for both the actions which are construction and filling. It’s the main reason that walking dead is waiting until season 11 to start in the commonwealth story.