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The Walking Dead Season 11: Death lurks underground – that’s what happens in episode 2

The Walking Dead Season 11

In The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 2, Eugene and Co. try to see through the Commonwealth, while Maggie and the others have to brave the dangers underground.

Episode 2 of The Walking Dead Season 11 picks up exactly where the season premiere left off. Maggie tries desperately to free herself from the clutches of the strays after Negan fails to help her. It doesn’t look good for her.

Meanwhile, the others examine a subway car and kill the zombies there. Negan pretends to be innocent when asked where Maggie is. You’ll have to move from car to car as the subway is surrounded by the undead.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Dog are fighting their own way through the subway shafts. He comes across strange wall paintings and indications that people were hiding in the tunnels. The dog seems to sense something and disappears into a narrow tunnel, through which Daryl follows him.

Yumiko makes an announcement in The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 2

In the meantime, interrogations in the Commonwealth are continuing. Yumiko desperately wants to be accepted now that she knows her brother must be in the Commonwealth. Eugene is nervous because Ezekiel was suddenly taken into custody. Yumiko wants to get to the bottom of the matter.

She ends up in front of the Commonwealth team of two and messes with them. Yumiko reveals what she learned about the Commonwealth from interrogation. She also explains to them why she would be an important member of the Commonwealth. Your approach seems to be the right one, Mercer, the leader of the Commonwealth soldiers, brings her a coffee. Eugene’s nerves are barren when Princess leaves him to go to the toilet.

The Walking Dead Season 11

In the meantime, Maggie finds her way back to her friends. She exposes Negan by revealing that he did not help her. The matter threatens to escalate when Gage suddenly appears in front of the door of the wagon, who had previously fled.

He begs them that his friends let him in the car, but he is pursued by a horde of strays and Maggie decides to leave him to his fate as they have no chance against the multitude of the undead. Gage kills himself before the zombies tear him apart. So Maggie made the same decision as Negan had made towards her. She has gone through many terrible things in the time she has been outside Hilltop and Alexandria that has changed her a lot.

After a while, the zombies break through the car door and Maggie and Co. have to fight. Meanwhile, Daryl has found his way to the subway and clears the way from the other side so that his friends can escape into the next car.

Hope and fear

Eugene becomes more and more desperate in the Commonwealth. In a heartbreaking confession, he tells during interrogation that he only came because he hoped that Stephanie would be his great love. He talks about the conversations with her. This honesty leads to his acceptance into the Commonwealth, along with Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess. Suddenly Stephanie stands in front of him.

Daryl, Negan, and Co. have now managed to escape the subway shafts. But suddenly they are attacked. The reapers have been expecting them. In episode 3 called “Hunted”, the Reaper chase Maggie and Co. The new episode will be released on August 30, 2021, on Disney + and ProSieben Fun.