The Walking Dead Six Bonus Episodes Added to Season 10


The Walking Dead Updates: The horror fiction series “The Walking Dead” is based on a group of survivors led by police officer Rick Grimes. The group travels in search of a safe place to rescue themselves from the Zombie Apocalypse that has spread all over the USA.

What About The Walking Dead Season 11?

It was assumed that season 10 of the series will wrap up this year, but due to the pandemic, post productions were at a halt, resulting in the delay of the last or final episode. Season 10 aired in October.

With the release of the final episode, it was announced that the finale was no longer to wrap up season 10, instead, there will be the addition of 6 more bonus episodes. In place of season 11, viewers will now witness 6 more bonus episodes from season 10.

These episodes will be short, concise, and more specific. As a result of which viewers will not have to wait for so long. This pandemic has forced the production units to think differently. As a result, the production unit of “The Walking Dead” has come up with this decision.

Why The Walking Dead Is Not Addressing Commonwealth Until Season 11?

Every one of us is aware of the pandemic, and the problems it has brought. Production and filming are to be done under the safety guidelines provided by the government.

With proper use of masks, proper distance while filming, limited cast and crew members, and social distancing, it is quite difficult to film for such a grand subject of Commonwealth Community.

The Walking Dead
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Filming upon Commonwealth Community will require more resources, more crew members, more cast, and a number of gatherings, which is not a good idea during this pandemic.

Moreover, the Commonwealth Community is a topic that needs to be represented on a very good level. Filming it will also include some close contacts like combats, fights, etc. So, keeping in mind all situations it has been decided to wait for the Commonwealth Community.

Know About Commonwealth Community

Commonwealth Community is a strong network of about 50,000 survivors, all under the control of Pamela Milton-the Governor. This community appeared in Issue 175; it has its own army and also follows some class systems including high and low-class jobs.

Updates On Release

As the last episode of season 10 aired in October, the announcements were made regarding the bonus episodes. It is expected that “The Walking Dead” will return with its bonus episodes of season 10 around early 2021.

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