Melania Trump Gets Dragged On Twitter For Renovating Tennis Pavilion While Patients Die From COVID

Melania Trump
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Melania Trump: Melania Trump Gets Dragged On Twitter For Renovating Tennis Pavilion While Patients Die From COVID.

Lady Trump has brought about several renovations in the White House during her husband’s reign as the President.

She announced the competition for the renovation of the White House Tennis court. The Tennis Pavilion took almost a year to be re-rendered.

Melania Trump released the before and after pictures of the court as her last project.

But how did she Melania Trump the renovation of the tennis Pavilion important than the Covid-19 Project?

Twitter users have taken a toll on her new post and criticized her for focusing on such issues.

A user on Twitter @stevsonamy12 called the first lady inhumane; as she least bothered about the splurging death records.  The pandemic has scrunched every individual in the world; people can’t pay their rent/mortgage, Businesses are shutting down. The user condemns the administration for their filthy efforts in serving the people.

Another user @Desiree51787690 compared Melania to marine Antoinette. Mary was the last queen of France before the French Revolution.

Melania Trump
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The First Lady compared to her as she too lived a life of luxury with her husband Louis XVI; least bothered about the loss the citizens suffered from poverty during her term.

Melania called metempsychosis of Marie Antoinette in July 2020 when she announced she renovating the White House Rose Garden,  amidst the Pandemic.

The users dragged her for her inconsiderate nature on the mounting COVID-19 deaths and the economic suffering of millions of Americans.

User @daverite tweeted at Melania for presenting such a wonderful gift to the incoming family of Joe Biden. Where his kids Jill and Joe might become great players.

Inhumanity still is diverse.  Not everyone was piling on hate towards the First Lady. User @russiancosmist  found the Court to be great.

User  @gmaxever gushed, over the stunning makeover.

The press released a statement stating the use of private donations for the recreation of the pavilion which began in 2018.

Under her husband’s reign, Lady Trumps carried out many repairs at the White House.

She announced the White House Tennis Court Renewal Game. It took about a year to make the tennis pavilion.

Melania Trump shared her last project before and after photographs of the court.

But how did she feel relevant to the Covid-19 proposal to renovate the Tennis Pavilion?

In her latest post, Twitter users took the toll and blamed her for dwelling on those problems.

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