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Hillary Clinton gave her Electoral Vote against Donald Trump which Felt Pretty Poetic

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: The final steps to certify Joe Biden’s victory all the members of the Electoral College crowded from all 50 states, and the District of Columbia on Monday to disclose the result of the 2020 Presidential Vote.

Hillary Clinton is one of the members of 29 States electoral in New, and she revealed it through social media.

Hillary Clinton shared her opinion against Donal Trump in Electoral College Vote

Hillary Clinton was one of the 29 states  Electoral members in New York. She gave her vote against Donald Trump. She gave her vote through social media.

Clinton wrote in a Twitter account on Monday that she believed that they should abolish the Electoral Collge, and their president is elected through the winning vote of the popular vote which is same to the other offices.

Clinton won the popular vote in 2016 against Donal Trump but lost the presidency. She was feeling proud to cast her vote in NEw York for Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Clinton replied on it that She felt it a liitile poetic to a tweet that read. Alex Mohajer tweeted on the post of Clinton that the poetic justice is seeing to Clinton who won the 2016 popular vote but denied her presidency in the electoral college.

Some of the other noable 2020 electors such as Clinton’s husband named Bill Clinton, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Stacy Abrams, and Maximo Aivarez.

Further, according to CBS News report that the all 538 electors voted on Monday and Biden’s winning vote 306-232 all will be sent ton Washington, and it will be counted by Congress on 6th january. After that Biden will be inaugated as apResident on 20 January, 2021.

AAdditionally, Biden addressing the Nation on Monday where he encouragede the AMericans to one step forward in their day to day life. He described that the democary prevailed in the battle of the soul of America. The americans voted and trust the constitution of America.

The time is comming to turn the pages as the Americans done it in their early time for unity and moving towards.  He lso added that if anyone didn’t know about it then know it in this time. In the democracy of Americans people to hear the right one, choose the leaders for this nation, have their own vote,and finally govern themselves.