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Donald Trump Mocked For Abruptly Leaving Oval Office

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump: Donald Trump Mocked For Abruptly Leaving Oval Office After Dan Gable’s Grandkids Lay All Over The Floor.

President Donald Trump abruptly left the Oval Office after presenting Dan Gable, 72.

Dan Gable is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The president presented the wrestler with the impressive Medal of Freedom on Dec. 7.

During the ceremony, Trump praised Gable and all his achievements as the two-time NCAA Division I national champion.  After honoring Gables, reporters questioned Trump about the status of Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani‘s health. The New York City mayor was diagnosed with COVID-19 recently.

He later thanked Gable and his family and left the office.

A video on Twitter depicted Trump’s walking out surprising the wrestler. Another tweet called Trump a “selfish person”. Many tweets trolled about Trump’s abnormal behavior during the great wrestler’s medal ceremony.

Along with his abrupt exit, boasting about his own political record while praising Gable’s achievements. In a statement in his speech, he sees comparing his achievements with those of the wrestler with 117 opposite 2.

The Twitter users immediately post reminders of Joe Biden so elected the president now.

A Twitter user wrote that this speech of his where he cuffs off in the public is the most cringe-worthy and unforgettable movement in the history of the White House. The user also calls him “a man with zero control”.

Donald Trump Conclusion

Donald Trump
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Following Dan Gable’s presentation, President Donald Trump left the Oval Office unexpectedly.

Dan Gable is one of all time’s best wrestlers. The President awarded the wrestler the outstanding Freedom Medal on 7 December.

During the ceremony, Trump commended the two-time national champion in Division I, Gable, and all his accomplishments. Following honoring Gables, reporters asked Trump about the wellbeing of Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York. COVID-19 was diagnosed recently by the mayor of New York City.

Later he thanked and departed the office for Gable and his family.

Trump’s walkout amazes the wrestler via a screenshot on Twitter. Trump is a “selfish person” in another tweet. During the grand medal ceremony, several tweets trolled about Trump’s misconduct.

With his sudden departure, though celebrating the successes of Gable, he boasted his own political past. He compares his accomplishments with those of the war in a statement in his talk

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