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Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: will Patrick Dempsey Die?

Grey's Anatomy Season 17
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Updates: There was the biggest question among the fan clubs whether Mederith had dead on COVID-19 Virus. The fictional character Mederith Grey died in season 12.

So fans are very much sad by this news.  Let us discuss the latest news and all updates about this series.

Patrick Dempsey had played his role as Meredith’s husband and he was named as Dr. Derek Shepherd. On the date of November 18, Meredith has COVID-19. After the 17th season, the series was ended and this makes the fans unsatisfied. In the last season, Mederith has a dream that she was at the beachside road, where her husband Derek has died in a car accident.

In an interview, Meredith said that the series was ended and it was also officially announced by the production team. This news was revealed in October 2020.  Ellen Pompeo shared many of the news regarding this series.  She also said that it will be the last season in this series and she also includes that ABC medical drama was her last series.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Ellen Pompeo 

Grey's Anatomy Season 17
Image Source: Film Daily

Ellen Pompeo was very much interested to share her experience in this series. Pompeo said that “Grey’s Anatomy” is her favorite series.  She also tells about Sandra Oh because she had dedicated her full work to this series. Ellen Pompeo had done her role in an extraordinary manner and so fans are much excited to see her onscreen.

Fans are having the biggest doubt whether Pompeo will be added later in Grey’s Anatomy. But, Pompeo had confirmed she will not come back in this series. “I don’t take the decision lightly”, I’m very grateful for it”, “I’m just weighing out creatively what we can do”. These are the words said by her. In this statement, it was clear that she will not return to Grey’s Anatomy.

Still, now, it is unclear if Meredith will die from the coronavirus. On the other hand, the series “Grey’s Anatomy” was going to be aired on ABC at 8 PM.

I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. Stay tuned to discover more information about this series.

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