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Canvas The lovely, Short animation is hitting around the corner.

Canvas Updates: Here is great news for animation lovers!  Another short animated series is going to debut on Netflix, in some time. It is going to be streamed this December.

That means you really do not have to wait long to catch it on screen. This series, Canvas is directed by Frank E. Abney III, who has shown his expertise in Pixer as an animator, prior to this. It is produced by  Paige Johnstone.

Canvas features the story of a grandfather and leaves behind a powerful and ethereal message. It shows the life of a painter, who loses his motivation to paint again after incurring huge losses.

This painter is the grandfather, who has been suffering from great losses, leading to losing his inspiration to paint again. Positively, years later, he finally decides to visit his easel and pick up his paintbrush for another time.

Canvas Plotline

Image Source: The Grapevine|The Robot

However, he cannot do that alone. He needed somebody to help him return to his world of colors once again. The story looks so fascinating and interesting inside out.  One of the main inspirations people can take down from this intriguing animation is that you should not lose hope in life.

No matter what the situation is, you can get through it perfectly. Also, we are not always alone. Many times, we find someone on our way who will help us sail through every thick and thin. Life has so much more to offer us. Leave behind despondence!

Surely, that one person is going to lift you up and help you stand on your own once again. You are not always alone. Have faith! Such an adorable message shall be left by the animation, to be picked up by us.

Astonishingly, before this, neither Disney nor Pixar have ever brought this idea into motion. Whatsoever, We can still be happy that  Netflix has featured this idea. Also, it will be there before us to watch, enjoy, and learn at some time.

So stay tuned to trap the colors of imagination on the canvas very soon. Till then, stay hopeful and spread love and hope.

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