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Google Pixel 5: New Feature Update & Much More

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 Update: Recently a couple of days back, on 11 November 2020 Google announces some storage changes that will impact several features. But primarily will have more effects on photos and videos saved. Pixel series will surely not be exempted from this new Google photo and video rules.

They will continue to offer unlimited high-quality backups. Initially from June 1, the nonpixel series will have some high-quality backup count. That’s something against the previous 15 GB or additional Google One storage. But the thing to note down the “Pixel 5″ series is just exempted from this change.

The high-quality backup generally compresses large photos to 16 megapixels. Moreover videos with quality more than 1080 pixels. Google confirms that in former cases optimized pictures will have good quality 24×16 inch physical print.

Google Pixel 5: New Feature Update

Till now no such information is available that confirms whether upcoming Google PixelModels will receive this feature. But it’s a clear-cut trendline towards the reduction of unlimited Google photos backup.

Google Pixel 5-

The first-ever Google Pixel marks its release in March 2016. That had a feature of unlimited free storage. That too at the original print quality for both photos and videos. But this somewhat seems like a prank, when most of the users do not able to upload that much large files. These files because of original print quality was hard to upload and require more space. During the launch of Pixel 2 and Pixel, 3 Google announced a four-year unlimited quality backup.

The first Pixel smartphone with this feature was Pixel 3A. This model in the Google Pixel series landed in 2019. The features were constrained ahead so that only content uploaded in high quality remains unlimited. Currently, Google Pixel 4A, its 4A 5G variant, and Google Pixel 5 do not advertise this feature. This somewhat seems too confusing. Users and customers have to look inside the phone to know more about this feature.

Just waiting for some more details to be dropped by Google or any authorized member. Meanwhile, our sources to are active regarding this update on unlimited backup storage. For more updates and information on Google Pixel and the techno world, just keep visiting frequently. Till then stay tuned and wait for new updates.

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