Sony Gifts Free PS5 to Person Who Was First in Line for PS4

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PS5  Updates: Announced in 2019 as the host of PlayStation 4, it was released on November 12, 2020, in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, and is expected to be launched on November 19, 2020, to the rest of the World.

It has a portable AMD GPU for ray tracking, 4K resolution displays up

A longtime PlayStation fan recently received Sony and PS5 free recognition.

Sony has given him a plaque to thank him for being a loyal follower.

But that wasn’t the only thing put in the box.

Joey Chiu, a fan known as Sony for his PlayStation sponsorship, has also received a code that he will use throughout the one-day launch program.

The first-day launch line included the PS5 console, controller, and launch titles.

Chiu’s happiness is reflected in his tweet about this gift.

Sony immediately confirmed this to be true by responding with five hearts emoji to a tweet with an official account.

The plaque, which lists Chiu’s elegance, says “patience is a virtue” and that “this is yours” is a sign of the times.

The plaque also included a PlayStation tag line with an icon that says “Play has no limits.”

Sony has chosen to disclose the PS5 online only due to the current global epidemic. This means that Chi and his friends can’t wait in line for the console.

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Chi is a well-known figure in the PlayStation gaming community. He attends the biggest events and launches. It quickly became a kind of icon in space.

Another PlayStation fan posted back to Chiu a picture of the two on the live Sony E3 2017 show.

PS5 Launch Date

Chi is one of the lucky ones to get the PS5 due to the limited availability of the console.

After the presentation of September 16, 2020, Sony said that pre-orders for the console would be opened to various vendors the following day.

However, several retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom launched pre-orders that night, making pre-orders available, including withdrawals as many retail stores sold out quickly, and created confusion.

Sony apologizes for the incident on September 19, 2020, and promises to increase more pre-delivery and stocks by the end of the year.

The PS5 will be released on November 12 everywhere except the UK. The console is released a week later in the region.

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