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Ragnarok Season 2: Release date Possibilities & Everything we know so far

Ragnarok Season 2

Ragnarok Season 2 Update: After the floor-breaking first season of Ragnarok that aired in January 2020, the series is renewed for a second season by Netflix. The first season of this Norwegian series got a rating of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDB, which seems like a decent rating. Let us find answers to some questions. What will be the second season about? Who will be in the cast?

Storyline and Plot:

The series follows a native of Edda, Magne, who is an embodiment of the mighty Thor, Norse God of Thunder but is unaware of his powers. When he discovers himself, Magne is set to use his powers for good deeds. He must save his town as well as the planet from evil.

In the upcoming season after defeating the ice giant demons of the Jutul family of Norway, Magne must brace himself to fight new and more dangerous villains. We might also get a glimpse of how Laurits can be Loki’s embodiment.

Ragnarok Season 2: Casting Detail

Ragnarok Season 2

  • The incarnation of Thor is played by David Stakston aka Magne Seier
  • Magne’s brother and probably Loki’s incarnation is playing by Jonas Strand Gravli aka Laurits Seier
  • A teenage kid(son) from Jutul Family is played by Herman Tømmeraas aka Fjor
  • The daughter of the Jutul Family, who is in high school like Fjor is played by Theresa Frostad Eggesbø aka Saxa
  • The love interest of both Magne and Fjor is played by Emma Bones aka Gry
  • The mother of Seier brothers is played by Henriette Steenstrup aka Turid Seier
  • The lady of Jutul Family and the principal of a high school is played by Synnøve Macody Lund aka Ran

Release Date of Ragnarok Season 2:

We don’t have a clue about the production that if it is ongoing or yet to start. So, the most probable release time of Ragnarok Season 2 is late 2021. And the trailer can be expected three or two months ahead of the release of the series. Meanwhile, you can tune in on Netflix and watch the first season of Ragnarok if you haven’t till now.

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