Chicago Fire Season 9: Is Stella Kidd’s Trying to be a Lieutenant

Chicago Fire Season 9 Updates: When it comes to the most lasting relationship in ‘Chicago Fire’ by NBC. Then it is surely of Lieutenant Kelly Severide and firefighter Stella Kidd’s.

Kidd initially debuted in Firehouse 51 back in season four. During their last meet, only the thing becomes clear about their chemistry. Somewhat giving hints and expressing the expectations of a long-lasting relationship.

Eventually, both of them come close and just end updating. Although since there meet till now the show covers about five seasons. At this time their relationship doesn’t seem to be so smooth.

They both came across several ups and downs in their relationship. During the season seven finale, the audience witnesses some heartwarming sights. Kelly decides to commit and be the man that Kidd really deserves, this may create some smoothness in their relationship.

Chicago Fire Season 8 Recap

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The eighth season of Chicago Fire has to end up at a premature stage. All the credits for this, go to the Corona pandemic and its impact on the entertainment industry. Season eight witnesses Stellaride couple as relatively more stable than previous seasons of the show.

Even when Severide has to move temporarily to fire investigations. There his colleague Lieutenant Wendy just expresses her interest in him. A major part of the eighth season of Chicago Fire focuses on the career and occupation of both the characters.

The chief Wallace of Firehouse 51 , Eamonn Walker agrees that the upcoming ninth season will land in November 2020. Playing the character of Boden, in the upcoming season will ask Kidd to appear for lieutenant exam.

The showrunner Derek Hass reveals, this time Kidd’s ambitions may cause tension between her and Kelly. Other characters that season nine may explore include.

Lieutenant Christopher Hermann, senior firefighter Randall McHolland and Harold Copp. Herman may be in tension and feeling of embarrassment, as a younger woman getting to the same post as him.

Season nine of Chicago Fire will bring much more entertainment for the audience. Till now production and team have set the show to release on 11 November 2020. Just hoping no more Corona impacts may affect the release date of the upcoming season. For more updates on Chicago Fire, stay tuned to us.

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