Chicago Fire Season 9: Production Delayed, and Everything fans should know

Chicago Fire Season 9  Update: Last week just marks the long-anticipated premiere for NBC’s One Chicago trilogy of dramas. As Chicago Fire with its ninth season-opening anchors on Wednesday night. Just between the first episodes of Chicago Med season six and Chicago P.D. season eight.

Both of these installments surely get fans talking about the departing characters and some new faces. But meanwhile, the Chicago fire causes some conversation over some behind the scenes issues. The most concerning is multiple members from the production crew tested positive for COVID19 virus infection. This is the reason behind the shutting down of season nine production with an immediate effect.

Seems like Chicago fire has to shutter down its filming and production processes last Sunday. According to our sources on 8 November everything is just put to a halt immediately. Currently, this shut down is for two weeks of fourteen days.

Chicago Fire Season 9: Update

But till now neither NBC authorities nor production team members of the show have revealed anything publically. The thing of confirmation that we got from our sources that several different people on the set of Chicago Fire tested positive for COVID19.

Chicago Fire Season 9
Image Source: Show Snob

When one of the crew members came up as positive for virus infection. Authorities halted the production and detailed tests were put on. This helped them to search for more of the positive cases in the crew members.

According to NBC universal’s guideline, the Rapid COVID test is mandatory for every set person and every day. Now according to the quarantine rules, everyone from the set will have to follow a fourteen days isolation. This led production to put off for two weeks.

Unfortunately, it’s the second Chicago drama facing this situation. Before that Chicago Med also came up with a hand full of positive COVID cases. That too just after a couple of days of start Ince 22 September 2020.

All the Chicago Dramas get filmed in Loss Angeles but seems like the shoot location is not helping them much. Like the whole world, the entertainment industry is facing severe impacts of the Corona pandemic. The industry is suffering because of a lack of production for five continuous months, during the global lockdown.

We will try to keep our readers posted with every update, just stay tuned.

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