The Walking Dead: World Beyond streaming now, Get the Recap and Reviews on the fourth episode

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Updates: The Walking Dead: World Beyond is a spin-off of Walking Dead created by Mathew Negrete and Scott M. Gimple. Mathew is the showrunner too. The limited series features a horrifying post-apocalyptic world.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond was announced as a limited series in July 20818 and received an order for ten episodes in April 2019. The first episode of the spin-off released on 4 October 2020 on AMC.

Till now we have watched four episodes namely, ‘Brave’, ‘The Blaze of Glory’, ‘The Tyger and The Lamb’, and the latest ‘The Wrong End of a Telescope’.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Recap of the Fourth Episode: The Wrong End of a Telescope

The episode aired on 25 October 2020 focused mostly on how Huck and Felix try to manage to keep the teens out of troubles. As the teens along with their, you can say caretakers enter an abandoned (seems) high school to replenish their food and water supplies.

We know why Felix gives his best to keep all those teenagers safe. He has been in a post-apocalyptic world, all alone, and knows how it feels and this is why he wants the teens to the group in. The group splits up to search for the food and water supplies, paired up as, Hope and Huck, Felix and Elton, Iris, and Silas.

Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

The survivors feel the presence of wolves in the school as they see zombies locked up in cages. As soon as packing as much as they can, the teens along with Huck and Felix leave the place with Elton taking the last family snap to commemorate (I know, he is such a maniac). With this, we are left to wait for the next episode.

The flashback about Hope and her father seemed good enough as it made her character more appealing. The narrative of the episode seemed cheezy, I mean, it’s okay that you have not had a soda can but dialogues on it, no.

However, the visuals were unbeatable. But the wolf involvement as a villain would have made the episode better. Just imagine when the group is already trying to fight zombies, they now have to watch out for a wolf who can eat them in one go. What do you think of the episode? Comment down and let me know. Don’t forget to stay tuned to us.

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