Over the Moon 2: Expected Release Date and Other expectations

Over the Moon 2 Updates: The most anticipated Chinese myth based animation series is currently streaming on Netflix, we will discuss about its sequel’s Release Date, Cast and Plot.

Over the Moon is the animated film which story revolves around a girl who designed a rocket to prove that the moon goddess is for real.

When will Over the Moon 2 be Released?

The First has been released on 233rd Oct, 2020 and was also premiered on Montclair Film Festival. The one of a king animated film has been well-accepted by the audience and has good very good reviews on IMDB too.

But when the fans can expect the ‘Over the Moon 2’? Its the important question being asked the fans. If the project managers or the producers approved of it we can expect the film in 2023 or later.

The Cast of Over the Moon 2

OVER THE MOON – (L-R) “Bungee the rabbit” and “Fei Fei” (voiced by Cathy Ang). © 2020 Netflix, Inc.

So many extremely talented voice-over artists have given their voices to the movie, so we can expecet them to do so in the upcoming sequel too.

  • The main protagonist Fei Fei has been voiced by Cathy Ang
  • John Cho has given voice ot Ba Ba
  • Mrs. Zhong has been given voice by Sandra Oh
  • Robert G. Chiu has given voice to Ba Ba’s son
  • Philipa Soo has given voice to Moon’s Goddess

What can be the Plot of Over the Moon 2?

Fei Fei our main protagonist lives with her mother, IN her childhood her mother often told her about the goddess of the moon, an ancient chinese fable who was in love with a warrior.
After gron-up and her mother’s death, Fei Fei decided to help the goddess and be her daughter. For the mission she decided to make a rocket to travel in the universe towards the moon.
and the story follows.

In the Sequel we can expect more twists in the plot of the story as Fei Fei will explore the chinese myth the further.

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