Over the Moon 2: When can we get the release date? & Everything we know so far

Over the moon

Over the Moon 2 Updates A computer-animated film. It is directed by Glen Keane and also co-directed by John Kahrs. The film is first produced by pearl studio and Netflix animation. Also consisting of star voices. It is the first international film directed by Keane. It is first premiered at the Montclair film festival a few days ago before, its Netflix release on October 23, 2020.

Over the Moon is Based on Adventure, musical, comedy fiction, drama genre series. The plot follows a young girl named Fei Fei who constructs a rocket ship, by that she can make proof by the parable of the goddess will change ‘e of the moon, which is real. The film is a family-friendly entertaining unique spin.

The film received many positive reviews with the praising the entire team, though it received censure for its story. If the project were to be in the green zone, by this we can accept ‘Over the Moon 2’ to air somewhere in 2023 or behind.

Over the Moon 2: Every Update

Over the moon-

The Cast members along with the voice behind as follows, Cathy Ang is protagonist Fei Fei, although John Cho is her Ba Ba. Sandra Oh characterize as Mrs. Zhong who is BaBa’s love heed and Robert G.Chiu is the son of the chin. The cause that the young girl wants to meet the moon has to do with altering her mother’s end.

Phillipa Soo gives her voice to the role of the moon goddess. In the consequences of a continuation, we trust that their actors will reprise their characters. Also once Fei Fei meets an alien dog, lends voice by Ken Jeong. He is such a great lovable person and also be really warm hearted

The overview goes around in ‘over the moon ‘, we reach Fei Fei who is a Little girl, her Ba Ba, and her mother, then tells the story of the fable of change the goddess in love with a handsome warrior. Sadly, she believed in all this myth is stick to this reality.

After the death of her mother, Fei Fei trust even more. Then the plot revolves about her father leads, and she again to help the goddess. If follow up goes correctly, then have a chance to watch how Fei Fei grows up for next happens.

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