Microsoft Surface Go 3 Launch Date, Price, Leaks and What we know so far

Microsoft Surface Go 3 Updates: Microsoft Surface Go 3 is just in the air from all directions. Rumors about this new product by Microsoft are just emerging like flames.

Though the product Microsoft Surface Go 2 recently land out in May 2020. The biggest gossip is from a forum post on Tablet PC review. There are suggestions that the next generation surface GO can be powered by the ultimate new Ryzen Chips. These have a very low thermal design power of about 4.8 W.

At one point in time, if we follow these rumors that Surface GO 3 can be a transitioning. From Intel processors that used to power earlier models to AMD mobile chips. This can be beneficial for consumers.

The upcoming transition will not only provide with better battery life. But it will cost less too. This will be economizing consumers by providing budget-friendly configurations of the best window tablet.

These things are just predictions and speculations at this point in time. Everyone is excited to witness the plans Microsoft has for its most affordable tablet.

Microsoft Surface GO 3 Release Date : 

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 lands in the market this year only on 6 May. The purchase and booking on selling platforms started on 12 May 2020. But till now Microsoft has no confirmation reveal about the next successor of Surface Go.

Image Source: Tech Advisor

However, in 2018, the parent company announced Surface Go in July. Then quickly released just after one month in August 2018. After the release of the first Surface, the Go market remained silent for almost two years.

Then this year Microsoft releases its another Surface Go 2. If the parent brand follows this trend or legacy. Then it is advisable to not to expect Microsoft Surface Go 3 before 2022, that too in mid-year or in spring.

But expectations are that the upcoming Surface GO 3 may reveal some updates in 2021.

Price Predictions:

The thing seems like Microsoft attempt at securing the budget market. Just to give Apple’s iPad and iPad mini a tough competition on price.

Expectations are that Surface Go 3 may reveal some updates in 2021. The price predictions state that it may start the series from $399 only.

Be ready for new updates by Microsoft soon and stay tuned to us.

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