Facebook Messenger launched new logo, Chat Features and Much more

Facebook Messenger Updates: Just moving forward with plans of cross-platform communication. Facebook updates its a messenger with anew logo and some new features.

This new logo resembles somewhat to the gradient icon present of Instagram. This clearly depicts the idea of Facebook regarding cross-platform communication with Instagram.

The parent brand seems to work on branding messenger much more than a public messaging app. The new logo of messenger reflects the close relationship it shares with Instagram. After redesigning the application it also comes up with several features.

On a blog post on Tuesday, Vice President of Messanger Stan Chudnovsky reveals. “Our new logo reflects a shift to the feature of messaging. A move dynamic, fun, and integrated way to be just connected to your loved ones.”

The new messenger will allow users to customize the themes of different chats. According to the blog, there will be a unique experience with chat themes like love and tie-dye. This time the app will bring selfie stickers with a vanish mode too.

New Features of updated Messenger :

Image Source: Firstpost

During past months, the messenger also receives the ‘Messager Room’ feature. Where users and people can create a room to host free video calls with up to fifty people. There will be no time limitations too for this new feature.

Another best thing is ‘Watch Together Mode’ on messenger. This will let the users watch Facebook videos along with their friends and loved ones. You will also be able to witness their reactions in real-time during a messenger video call in Messenger Rooms.

No, just taking an overview of the Instagram feature rolls out for most of the users in North America currently. Messanger will also power conversation within a portal.

Some of the sources confirm that the messenger will soon support Oculus. This will surely be going to help users to stay connected with their loved ones and particular whom they want to.

Now just wait for the best reveal or update by Facebook. It seems like something big is cooking inside the walls of this giant. For more technology-related news, just frequently visit us.

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