Facebook Oculus Quest 2 VR headset started shipping- checkout for more

Facebook Oculus Quest 2 Updates: Facebook commenced the shipping of its Oculus Quest 2. The versa 2 Virtuality headset by Facebook is an upgrade of the 2019 version. Like version 1, Oculus Quest 2 is also an untethered single piece.

Designed with a new chipset and better screen resolution along with extended battery life. It’s price starts from $299 for the basic 64 GB model and $399 for a 256 GB exclusive model.

It was quite taxing to get an Original Quest in the times of yore; owing to limited stocks. But thanks to the Quest 2 preorders that are accepted since September on the merchant list announced.

Retail stores like Best Buy and Walmart had enough stock to trade.

The biggest trouble of weight and balance of the headset is ruled out in the updated version. It is balanced by a head strap available at an additional $49 only. Also, it has bolstered its library since its original headset’s launch.

It has also got a series of upcoming games scheduled later this year. The impressive feature is that you do not need a separate Oculus account to play; your VR handset can be accessed by the Facebook account.

Replacing the Original Quest, this handset is going to be the only one available by Facebook for the coming year.

Image Source: PCMag

The Rift S will be terminated this spring.

With cut-throat competition from the Valve Index and upcoming Reverb G2.

But if you are looking for a cheap VR that runs without a PC, then you got to buy the Oculus Quest 2, now—it’s on sale.


The Oculus Quest 2 shipped by Facebook. The versa 2 Facebook Virtuality headset is a 2019 update. Oculus Quest 2 is, like version 1, a single untethered work.

Built for improved battery life with a new chipset and better screen quality. It starts at 299 USD for the 64 GB basic model as well as 399 USD for a 256 GB model.

In the revised edition, the biggest issue of headphone weight and balance omitted. It balanced by an extra $49 head strap. Since its initial headset launch, it has also improved its library.

There have already been a number of upcoming games this year. The amazing aspect is that you do not need a separate Oculus account for playing; the Facebook account helps you to use your VR system.

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