PS5 Preview: PS5 Hides a Mystery Hole on The Top of the Console

PS5 Updates: Sony’s upcoming Play station 5, provided new photos about the console, which identifies a mystery bolt.

In the recent preview of the Play station 5, the photos reveal a mystery hole on the top of the console, this discovery came into the light during the recent event, where Japanese publications and content creators were allowed by Sony to get a hold of the upcoming console and take up pictures of PS 5.

PS5 Hidden Mystery Hole

Before this event, there were only pictures with Sony angles and low-resolution pictures with little sense of scale. Now Sony has allowed the publishing of official photos and videos of the gameplay which helps the players to get a better understanding of how large the console is and also to indicate the performance of the system.

Though previews have answered some basic questions, this event gave journalists an opportunity to bring the minute details into the light, which have been gone unnoticed.

Image Source: BGR

Some interesting questions coming out of the previews were raised by The Verge, which noticed that one of the photos appears to have a mysterious bolt or latch on the top-right of the console.

An assumable explanation of this could be that this bolt could be how one player can expand the hard drive capacity of Sony’s PS 5. Recently, it was revealed that the usable SSD capacity of the console would be less than 1TB, therefore, the players will be more likely than not to be adding more storage to their consoles.

Though during the time of writing, Sony has not mentioned it and nothing has been revealed about the process of adding space, it is hard to say it definitely.

No official dimensions of PS5 have been posted or announced, but other photos show us how big the system is when it is on its vertical stand. From the pictures, we can say, the console is fairly tall, which means the players whoever is planning to have the system may have to rearrange their setup.

The preview also includes an improved cooling system of PS5, meaning it is going to be far more effective than its predecessors.

Play station 5 will be available to some selected countries on the 12th of November and internationally on 19th November. Pre-orders are available now.

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