Iron Man: Tony Stark Might’ve created Marvel’s Next Supervillain

Iron Man Updates: Tony Stark has consistently been something of an over the top futurist, continually centered around driving himself to build up the next cutting edge tech.

This resolute drive, combined with Tony’s boastful nature, has bested him an unintentional function in making a large number of his most noteworthy supervillains. This quality is evident in the comic books just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Following the occasions of Iron Man 2020, which saw the multiplication of man-made brainpower in the Marvel Universe and the reclamation of Tony after his tragically missing sibling Arno Stark held the mantle of Iron Man, Tony chose to stay away from all cutting edge innovation in his life.

Content on letting aware machines handle the improvement of the new tech that he had consumed his time on earth conceiving, Tony exchanged out his pristine armada of sports vehicles and cutting edge Iron Man power suits for vintage muscle vehicles and a nostalgic Iron Man armor from the previous days of being a hero.

Be that as it may, Tony may have exceeded his limits during a housewarming party for his new Manhattan brownstone.

Image Source: Mashable India

With the gathering filled by managers and irritating tech business visionaries, Tony is continually compelled to mingle and fraternize with his visitors.

Among those that approach him is Fuller Teilhard, a tech visionary with a plan to store the crude energy from lightning jolts to outfit into an unadulterated, clean fuel source.

While conceding he’s a little interested in the chance, Tony eventually excuses Fuller with every other person, withdrawing to his new home’s storm cellar with Patsy Walker.

Secretly uncovering that he had a planned EMP set to destroy all the gadgets of the visitors as the prime reasons for inviting them, Tony and Patsy leave the premises without a moment to spare to avoid the EMP.

As a lightning storm seethes over Manhattan, Fuller scowls from his window, noticeably irritated that Tony disposed of and embarrassed him at the gathering.

It’s hazy what kind of vengeance Fuller will order on Iron Man, however, given his aptitude and enthusiasm for tackling the intensity of lightning, there makes certain to be a charging retaliation pursued against the Armored Avenger.

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