Firefly Lane: Know about the synopsis and cast

Firefly Lane Updates: Here is a new TV drama for all of us to chill! Firefly’s teaser trailer has been released by Netflix. Firefly stars renowned people like Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, who have already made very remarkable and intrinsic contributions to the world of entertainment.

Their relation to the world of entertainment is quite known and old. Katherine Heigl has already been spotted in “Grey’s Anatomy”  and the final season of the “Suits”. Talking about Chalke, we know that she made her prominent contributions in Scrubs and Rick and Morty. However, Heigl and Chalke working in a duo, haven’t been spotted yet. Thus this is the first time they are going to appear on the screen together.

Adapted from the New York Times, most selling novel, “Firefly Lane” by Kristin Hannah, the drama is going to bear the same plot. It is going to cover two friends, Tully (Heigl) and Kate (Chalke), who have been friends since 14 and still continue the bond.

Focusing on the various corners like love, marriage, career highs and lows, and their bond as friends, the drama shall surely be fun to see.

Apart from these two main faces, the cast crew also takes into picture other notable faces like:

  •  Ben Lawson,
  •  Beau Garrett,
  •  Yael Yurman, and
  •  Ali Skovbye.
  • We have Hannah serving as a co-executive producer.
  • Also, Firefly Lane creator Maggie Friedman serves as showrunner and executive producer.
  • Heigl, Peter O’Fallon, Shawn Williamson, and Lee Rose are also executive producers along with Friedman.

Firefly Lane: The synopsis at a glance

Highlighting two friends, Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke), the show focuses on the real spirit of friendship. The duo is going to show us that one of the purest forms of a relationship is friendship. When they meet at 14, both were unlike poles, whose attributes always clashed with one another.

Tully has been perceived as a very bold and assertive girl, facing the world with a different zest and confidence. Contrary to her, we have Kate, a demure girl, embellished with the spirits of shyness and modesty. However, when a tragedy hits them hard, they come together, tied up in a very strong bonded friendship.

Together they have faced thick and thin, rejoices and poignance, love and heartbreak, love triangle, which stressed their bond. One of them follows the path of wealth and fame, while the other opts for marriage and motherhood.  What they persevere in their chemistry?

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