The Good Doctor Season 4: Fans shouldn’t expect last season’s resolutions early.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Updates: The ending of the previous 4th season of the medical drama ‘ The Good Doctor ‘ was pretty dramatic.

With the two-part finale delivering an unforgettable death of Dr. Melendez from the injuries the earthquake bought upon him to a huge step in the very complicated relationship of Shawn and Lea, it is pretty obvious that the viewers of the drama have spent the seven months following season 3’s ending waiting to lay eyes on the aftermath the drama storm has brought upon the series.

Much to the disappointment of the eagerly waiting fans, David Shore, the executive producer of the show has revealed that Season 4 will not give away much of the resolutions early on.

The Good Doctor Season 4 will address the Pandemic:

Talking to TV Insider, David Shore also explained how keeping the trend of addressing of the Covid-19 pandemic like other medical dramas releasing this fall ‘The Good Doctor’ Season 4 will also keep it in the focus early this season.

The Good Doctor Season 4:

Image Source: TV Insider

Fortunately for the fans unlike the other series, ‘The Good Doctor ‘ was able to release its 2019-2020 season as per the schedule.

Another good side of the coin was that Season 3’s finale did not leave fans on a crazy cliff-hanger with Season 4’s first few minutes to the rescue. Season 4’s starting with the ongoing world problems does not mean that the script of the previous seasons will not move forward Milendez’s death and Shawn and Lia’s relationship will be taken into account.

Freddie explains the goal of the COVID-19 addressing in the next season:

Star Freddie Highmore explained what the show will be up to the next season. He also said that if the ratings of the show remain constant a wide audience will witness ‘The Good Doctor ‘ paying tribute to the real-life heroic doctors fighting the ongoing pandemic.

Good Doctor Season 4: Release Date

A relief to the ears of the fans ‘The Good Doctor ‘ Season 4 premiers on November 2, 2020, Monday at 10 pm ET on ABC. Stating ahead of many big medical dramas such as Chicago Med returning on 11th November 2020 and Grey’s Anatomy following on November 12, 2020.

For more updates on the 4th season of ‘The Good Doctor ‘ make sure to stay tuned.


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