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The Flash: Times when Barry Allen proved a Selfish

The flash

The Flash has been a wonderful hero for fans and there are reasons why Barry Allen occupies a special place in the hearts of his fans and even some of his enemies too. But there are still some mistakes he did since he is human. And there were times when he has been eccentric rather than thinking about people he cares for. Here are four times when Barry Allen in The Flash was a total selfish brat.

The Flash: Updates

1. By not telling Iris that he is The Flash

In the first season of The Flash, Barry hides the fact that Iris is the Flash portraying his selfishness as a goodwill gesture in order to protect her. Even when everyone in their lives gets to know about this thing, Iris is the last person for Barry to keep aware of this fact. He denies her to choose the agency of her choice which ultimately shows his selfishness.

2. He took Nora back to her own time

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He took Nora back to her own time after he found out that she’s been working with Thawne. He did not even consent to his mother Iris since he lost his trust in Nora. He proclaimed his act and his lack of thoughtfulness as a way to protect team Flash.

3. Barry changed the timeline often

In the last episodes of the second season, Barry attempted the biggest change in the timeline, the flashpoint. To escape the inevitable, to save his mother’s life he decided to take this decision.
As soon he went back to his own timeline, plenty of distressing changes happened to lead to the death of the Cisco Brothers, Lyla’s child changing from a little girl to a boy, etc. He ignored the possible outcomes for his own selfishness.

4.He almost killed the Speed Force

Though Barry has been under the influence of an evil infection that almost took over his soul and mind. Bloodwork manipulated him to attack speed force, which was enough to weaken Barry. somehow was saved by Cisco who gave him the power to fight off the infection. But no one is immune to anger and guilt, not even the superheroes.

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