Outlander: Jamie Fraser’s first fight Scene? Star Revealed

Outlander Updates: Outlander has been in talk ba number of times, owing to the numerous fight scenes of Jamie and Claire Fraser. Action is at the highest in these scenes.

But do we know the efforts behind the scenes and how long does it take to bring the efforts into action? Let’s catch a quick glimpse.

The time needed to plan the Jamie Frazer4 fight scenes in Outlander:

After  Express.co.uk had a conversation with the stuntman of Outlander, Mark Slaughter, he shared his experience on standing in for Jamie Fraser actor Sam Heughan.

Slaughter has been a veteran stuntman and has been working in Outlander ever since. He was welcomed especially in the initial seasons of Outlander to share the room with Heughan and he worked in innumerable of the fight scenes. Since then the iconic stuntman has been a part of the Outlander journey.

We also caught a glimpse of him in season4, where he got into a scuffle with a North American. He was also seen as having an encounter on a boat. Sadly the season 5 saw him sitting out, after going through an operation.

Image Source: Town & Country Magazine

Rest he had shown his complete commitment in all other prior seasons. However, on the positive side, we can anticipate his return in the 6th season. This season shall be more of action and thrill as it nears the American Revolution.

Talking about the preparation to a scene,  he says, putting the script into action. The script is basically broken down to bring out the action intended to be presented.

Followed by it is the fight, sticking around to blend into the situation. Of course, it is first verified by the director and then it is rehearsed with the actor, on the plot.  After that, they examine closely as to whether there is any problem with the actor in filming the fight scene. If everything is perfect, the scene is finally set confirmed on the plot.

On being asked about the stretch of time needed to film a fight scene, he said that it depends on the size of the action. Generally, if it includes just fights, they wind up in a single day.

In the case where it is not that short, they usually take a week or so. The time also varies, depending upon the alterations needed to be made. Still, on an average basis, it usually takes a few days.

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