When Marvel 616 is Out? Who is in the Cast, Trailer and All Other Details

Marvel 616 Updates: Marvel 616 is a  series that explores the legacy of Marvel of a few important characters, creators, and storytellers to reflect their world.

Each documentary is the trademark work of a few unique filmmakers, which displays their fantastic way of narrating a  story, pop culture, and fandom within the MCU.

The episodes cover every topic which includes some of Marvel’s famous artists, reminiscing few of the forgotten heroes of the MCU.

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The release date for Marvel 616

Marvel 616 is an anthology consisting of eight parts that allow you to dive deeper into the Marvel world. The show’s title also has a greater impact as the Earth-616 is the origin place for MCU.

This documentary series is a great boon for all the MCU fans out there. You can find the Marvel 616 on Disney’s own streaming platform, Disney + on 20th November 2020.

All the eight episodes will be available at a time, so you wouldn’t have to wait for the next episode to pop. However, you will be needing a subscription to watch this amazing series on Disney +, which will cost around £5.99 a month or £59.99 a year.

This series would be the first Marvel TV series to arrive on the platform, followed by Wanda Vision, She-hulk, Loki and Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Cast Details

Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

The Marvel 616 is a documentary series, hence there is no definite star cast. The show would be focusing more on a lot of different people involved in the MCU.

It is a conglomeration of several hidden and forgotten heroes, who would be discovered owing to the amazing storytellers. Few directors of the show include Gillian Jacobs, David Gelb, Clay Jeter, Alison Brie, and Sarah Ramos.

What can you expect from Marvel 616?

Disney describes it as an anthology that would let you divulge into the Marvel world. This includes all the comic artists, illustrators, fan base, everyone who is irresponsible for bringing lives to the superheroes.

The official synopsis mentions that Marvel’s 616 is all about exploring the rich legacy of the Marvel world and making it available for the audience.

Each documentary comes from a different director who tries to describe more about its important characters, cultures, and story behind such adaptation.



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