Star Wars: Poe and Finn helped Rey to become the Last Jedi

Star Wars Updates: Star Wars: Finn and Poe Helped Rey to become a good master In star wars; adventure, we the characters Finn and Poe surprise Rey with a marvelous gift.

This gift was given to training her more.  Finn and Poe decided to help their friends with the help of superpowers.  There were so many adventure scenes in this story.  Both the characters Finn and Poe traveled to several planets.

At first, they settled on a moon named Noaxson and it was located in the Outer Rim.  They feel it was the safest place to settle. This place is full of darkness, but Finn and Poe were comfortable in this place.

Another character emerges in this story named Luke Skywalker and he was a powerful Jedi. He had his own sister. Leia was a was twin sister of luke and she was a  former princess of Alderaan.

On the other hand, Leia had provided a training course for Rey. At the same time, Finn and the pope prepare to make them better to face the battlefields.

Star Wars: How Peo and Finn Helped Rey

Rey was training heavily to make her a bravery woman.  She also knew that the course was more dangerous. Rey’s personal development made herself confident.

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The entire story was really adventurous and also fun.  Rey was escaped from the pirate’s lair. But some of the pirates were already escaped from the place. Rey decided to find all of the pirates.

The entire adventure story was really interesting to watch this film. The three characters namely Rey, Finn, and Poe made this film in action manner.

Finally, Poe and Rey joined together to help Rey and there was good bonding between them.

Finn and Poe become the more strongest character in this film as they made Rey become the last Jedi.  Rey finally developed her extraordinary skills and so she becomes a The Last Jedi and The rise of Skywalker.

Rey training was really hard, but she was well trained in this course. The story concludes with a good plot.

I hope fans get satisfied with this information. stay tuned to discover more information about this series.

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